People struggle to recover from injuries due to the lack of commitment to their rehabilitation exercises as they are often boring.

Recent approaches that involve the use of interactive video games have shown positive results in exercising as users engage in physical activity while playing a game.

For example Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect based games have shown to be effective in the treatment of post stroke patients.

More importantly this technology can also allow to monitor and assess a person’s physical performance.

Yet, there are not tools in the market that offer portable rehabilitation exercises in the form of interactive games.

Mobile RehApp™ will fill up this gap by providing mindfully designed games for therapeutic support and portable mechanisms to monitor health performance on an ongoing basis.

Our Approach

Mobile RehApp™ uses state of the art gaming and Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) technologies to help you engage and enjoy your exercises through the use of AR tracking markers and fun interactive virtual objects.

Mobile RehApp™ was conceived by a team of researchers in exergames for health with the following objectives in mind:

  • to increase compliance to rehabilitation exercises through the use of mobile video games
  • to widen the rehabilitation exercises accessibility
  • to any individual by deploying it on off-the-shelf devices such as mobile phones and tablets to provide a clinical validation test embedded in an interactive game
  • to monitor user performance on an ongoing basis through the use of Augmented Reality technology.

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